With Adam Dolle Studio,  Adam begins the “fourth chapter” in his personal story. Growing up in the mid-west, Daniel Dolle entered a high school seminary in 1964 to begin his studies for the Catholic priesthood and continued for eleven years on that path. Four of those years were spent in a monastery where he took the name Adam,  which has been his name since and serves as a reminder of the values which he lived and studied during that time. At one moment during college, Adam made the decision to remain in the seminary instead of leaving and heading to the Art Institute of Chicago, a youthful dream.

In 1975,  Adam left the monastery with the intention of studying architecture but by chance began a 43 year career in interior design,  after winning an award for a project in Louisville, KY.  Upon completing a Masters Degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute in 1983,  Adam worked for architects  I. M. Pei and Welton Becket, before beginning his namesake practice. Adam worked primarily in the US but also in Europe and most recently, from 2010 to 2013 for a real estate developer in Chengdu China. Over four decades, and through numerous commissions, Adam refined his aesthetic sense.

In early 2007, while on holiday in Costa Rica, Adam and his yoga teacher stumbled on a threadbare, beachfront, backpackers camp and decided to buy it with the intention of creating a space for personal growth.  For a decade, Blue Osa Yoga Retreat functions as a center for yoga retreats and teacher training, which represents Adam’s commitment to a thoughtful and challenging approach to life.

Adam Dolle Studio is a personal synthesis of Adam’s education, careers, and experiences over the last 55 years. His current work is a result of this diverse history and uncharted approach to life. Adam’s desire to start this new chapter is not only a reflection of his past,  but is born out of an urgency to do something for the future.

The goal of ADS is to create art with a philanthropic purpose. ADS is being established as a 501C-3 charitable foundation where the profit from the sales of the works of art will go to selected organizations.