A Question Of Morals

A Question of Morals

November 30 – January 11, 2020.

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 30th, 6:00pm – 10:00 pm

Stephen Johnson & Adam Dolle are pleased to present A Question of Morals, a new series of works by Adam Dolle on view at Studio 1608.

Fort Lauderdale, November 19, 2019 — On November 30th, Studio 1608 hosts a special presentation from seminarian turned interior designer turned visual and philanthropic artist Adam Dolle. The exhibit focuses on themes related to his philosophy of Socialmoralism. It is divided into two parts, starting with a presentation in the central gallery area, with satellite exhibits in each of the seven resident artist studios. The attendee is then directed to an outdoor display which doubles as a lounge with 50-foot bar. This outdoor area will also feature a live DJ and impromptu spoken work performance by Darius Daughtry & Friends.

Working over the last 44 years as an Interior Designer and morphing into more of a multimedia artist, Dolle has shifted his medium of choice to multimedia art based on the philosophy of Socialmoralism. Born Daniel Dolle, he entered a high school seminary in 1964 to begin his studies for the Catholic priesthood, and for eleven years studied to obtain a Bachelor’s of Philosophy in 1972. Four of those years were spent in a monastery, where he took the name Adam and serves as a reminder of the values he studied and embraced during that time.

This concept of Socialmoralism (as a contemporary art movement) proposes to reach beyond visual imaging and social issues to illuminate those unspoken, intuitive and immutable moral truths, which are the foundation of human society. It is not religious morality but is connected with primitive artistic and spiritual activity in seeking the transformative power of art in society and proposes that we see past contemporary art as entertainment and investment and look as at art as a way to discover universal Moral Truths.

“This is our most exciting, influential, and forward-thinking exhibit in 30 years,” says Stephen Johnson, artist/owner Studio 1608.

The work in this exhibition is a mixture of information, images, nuances, truths and almost truths juxtaposed to add new meaning to familiar images and objects. The themes of the work will touch on the amorphous nature of money in the viewer’s perceptions, and it’s value in the hard, cold reality of contemporary human existence. The pieces illustrate the lasting effects of economic and religious colonialism beginning in the Renaissance as an incubator of ideas about racism and endemic societal violence; thoughts on the acceptability of violence and death in our society as an acceptable consequence of the value of money, and business.

Supporting Charities:
In a belief that social empathy is not geographic or political, I would like the Exhibition to support two charities, one local and one foreign.

  • Art Prevails Project based in south Florida
  • Pionero Philanthropies based in Guatemala

Exhibition Details:
Date: Saturday, November 30th, 2019
Location: Studio 1608
Address: 1608 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
*Voluntary donations to support Art Prevails Project and Pionero Philanthropies

About Adam Dolle Studios
The goal of ADS is to create art with a charitable purpose. ADS is being established as a 501C-3 charitable foundation where the proceeds from the sales of the works of art will go directly to selected organizations. For more information, please visit www.adamdollestudio.com or email adamdollestudio@gmail.com



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