First Awakening

Every artist plays a different and necessary part in contributing to the overall health, development, and well-being of our society. Adam Dolle Studio’s current work is part of his contribution – as it relates to the issues of gun violence that plagues our country.

Interior Designer turned Hotelier turned Artist Adam Dolle wants to have a conversation about HOW artists can provide their communities with joy, interaction, and inspiration, as well as give thoughtful critique to our political, economic and social systems — pushing communities to engage thoughtfully and make steps toward social progress.

Attendees will have an opportunity to preview Adam’s “First Awakening” exhibit Sunday April 14th from 3-6pm with an artDISCOURSE Talk co-hosted by Art and Culture Center/HollywoodCurator of Exhibitions Laura L Marsh.
Light bites, refreshments, and artDISCOURSE talk included with complimentary Eventbrite RSVP.

Laura Marsh’s Bio:
Laura Marsh is a fiber artist with a socially engaged practice. Her banners, weavings, and installations contain feminist and political quotes, mottos, and emblems that reflect cultural values and belief structures. From two generations of women who sew, Marsh practices an accessible and hands-on tactile approach. She invites viewers to enter, touch, and be immersed in the work. Originally from rural, Montrose, Pennsylvania, Marsh has watched her hometown transform into a fracking region. Marsh received her MFA from Yale University School of Art and a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Marsh has exhibited nationally at venues including Locust Projects in Miami, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Printed Matter, Field Projects, Newman Popiashvili Gallery, and Tilton Gallery in NY. She is the Curator of Exhibitions at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, FL.

Event Location:
District 13 (Gallery)
535 NE 13th Street,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
April 14th, 3-6pm
For more information e-mail