FIRST AWAKENINGS: April 10, 2019


“It is hard not to feel complacent in the face of such complicated social issues such as gun violence, but it is incumbent upon each of us as citizens to wake up and do something about it.” ADAM DOLLE

This group of works represents a first, visceral response to the regrettable sense of ordinariness of gun violence in in our everyday life. With each new story of mass murders, innocent death due to drive-by shootings, accidental deaths and suicide , we ask ourselves; Have come to accept the inevitability of it all and is it just so much of the same.

It is hard to comprehend the numbers: nearly 400 million privately owned guns in the US, nearly 40,000 deaths annual due to guns – 60 percent are suicides , and nearly 3,000 children deaths attributed to guns.

In the absence of reasonable discourse and positive action about gun safety, these works use clear imagery and plain thoughts to encourage a conversation in which everyone is invited to participate. By manipulating the symbols of our gun culture: the handgun, the assault rifle, the anthropomorphic shooting target, their meaning changes and there is a shit of power that is implicit in their symbolism. It is a shift in our perception of them–from tools of aggression to objects of reason. The potency of this art resides not solely in ones experience but also in the conversation it encourages in our community.