24W X 67H

HALF-A-DAVID: 24 inches wide by 67 inches high by 18 inches deep. Floor mat: 32 inches wide by 26 inches deep. Concrete, wood panels, digitally printed floor mat, metal, plaster, wood, plastic, 2019

It was a serendipitous moment when I was at a garden statuary shop and I spied a piece of garden sculpture—or half of it. Such a curious item. I was in the midst of thinking about my feelings that, as an old white man, were bubbling up as a result of listening to the many conversations about gender, race, social economics, immigration, and globalism in today’s society. And in my research I happened on a poem about religious colonialism, THE LORD’S PRAYER by Sanna Arman.

This is a conversation begun by the discovery of the curious sculpture of half of DAVID by Michelangelo—the most iconic piece of Renaissance Art—which generated this work recognizing the half-truths of the value of Western European global domination and its ultimate affect through the centuries in those colonialized lands.